mercoledì, giugno 28, 2006

Small finish

During the past week-end we were busy, as always. Last Saturday we went to the church for the wedding of two friends, in the evening my best friend invited us for dinner and on Sunday we went to eat pizza with other friends.
So I didn't stitch as I hoped.
I could finish only my monthly Flip-It. The picture is not good. I'm having some problems to take pictures of the Flip-Its and I can't understand why this happens. I think it depends on the red colours.

I've also a progress on The bookshelf by LHN. It's a very small progress: I stitched only the words "The bookshelf".

By the way, on the 15th of July I'll start a new LHN SAL. We decided to stitch Daisy Lane Cottage and if you like joining us you can partecipate or take a look at the LHN group.

I'm also in a different SAL. I read about it on Karen's blog and I had to join it. It sounds great and we'll stitch Quacker Garden by Blackbird Designs. I've already put my order and I hope it'll arrive soon!

Yesterday I decided to create an album where we can see my future pojects. I started uploading some pictures and they'll grow quickly, I'm sure about it. I've been wanting to create one since I saw Carol's ones.

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Ulla ha detto...

The Bookshelf can remind people of novel and so on the have read so it's another type of sampler,not only for decoration, a type I really am fascinated of.

See you in the SAL of "Daisy.."
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Lana ha detto...

the bookshelf is coming along beautifully, and I love the Flip it!

Concetta ha detto...

The Bookshelf is looking fantastic. Another one I really want to stich one day... Your fabric is perfect for it.

AnneS ha detto...

Bookshelf is coming along beautifully - and I really like the latest flip-it :) Can you remind me what fabric you're using for the Bookshelf design? It's lovely :D

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, I've just ordered the Bookshelf (yours is looking great so far) and several other LHN patterns, I couldn't help myself after being enabled by our yahoo group, lol.

Its interesting that you've just started up a future projects album as I was thinking of doing the same myself - a good way to keep a track of everything we want to stitch!

Danielle ha detto...

I love The Bookshelf. I started stitching it, but on 28 count and didn't like it--it felt too big. So now I want to stitch it on a smaller count. I love the fabric you chose--is it a Silkweaver fabric?