giovedì, giugno 08, 2006

Some pictures

I've not been writing for some days so I have many pictures to share.

First of all last 1st of June we started The Bookshelf by LHN as a SAL.
I decided to stitch it on a 32ct Lugana, Hazelnut by Silkweaver.
Here is my progress:

As a new month arrived I started stitching both the monthly designs I have in my goals' list: June's Flip-Its and a new Christmas ornament.

I worked on the first block of the Flip-Its and I've quite finished. I like it!

The Christmas ornament is the seventh one. In the Old World Santas leaflet there're 8 Santas so I'm choosing the next series of Santa to stitch in the next months.

Finally I've had good news about my envelopes. At the beginning of April I had sent my first envelope for a mail art exchange on the EMS Italian forum. It seemed to be lost but my parter wrote me some days ago and she told me that both the envelopes arrived! In fact I had stitched a second one because I wanted my partner to receive at least an envelope.

The first one has an Easter theme. I stitched an egg and a kitchen I found in two different patterns by Tralala! (French designer). I used a red over-dyed floss, Needle Necessities 1531. The words mean "Happy Easter".
I stitched both the envelopes on a piece of Aida that I dyed with tea. I òiked how the fabric turned out.

The front:

The back:

For the second envelope I decided to use a part of Lavender Hill pattern by LHN. I know my partner likes LHN patterns. I stitched the sheeps and some lavender. On the back side I attached two buttons that I made by myself.

The front:

The back:


4 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

Oh, your envelopes are gorgeous!! And I'm so excited about your new start - I love that LHN so much.

Carol ha detto...

wow, you've been busy! Your WIPS and mail art look truly great!!!

so... I feel badly, we need to figure out when to start Rose of Sharon, don't we?

Barbara ha detto...

I just love your projects! Those MAs are gorgeous!!

AnneS ha detto...

A quick 'catch-up' comment - just wanted to say how much I'm loving seeing all your latest WIPs :) Your Santas are all gorgeous, as always, and The Bookshelf is growing really quickly, and looks lovely. Also the Tea Room looks good - looking forward to seeing more of it stitched. And last, but certainly not least, your mail art is absolutely beautiful - I really love them - great job! :D