sabato, settembre 03, 2005

Little progress

I'm really busy again. We've some celebrations in our town during these days, so we usually go out in the evening.
But I stitched. Just the charity's project, Dramatic. It's funny and I'm going to finish it as soon as possible so I'll be able to start stitching also my Celtic Summer. I'm waiting for the pattern.
But I'll have to kit it and choose the right fabric, so I've a lot of work for the CS.

Well, here is the progress of the day.

I'm searching ohter good pictures of Ireland and I'm going to make a list of my future stitching goals and to update my wish many things!!!

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Computer Blog Stuff008 ha detto...
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Carol ha detto...

Yikes, you got spam here in your comments section - what idiots! YOu can turn on word verification to keep those buggers away.... I am dying to see Dramatic finished as I do not know that pattern at all.... and it will be fun to select your fabric for Celtic Summer - wonder what you will go with.... I have Silkweaver Green Apple Reflections selected for it... :-)

Danielle ha detto...

I also need to organize myself--I am always changing my stitching goals! My problem is having too many things going at once!! LOL. Can't wait to see your work on CS!