domenica, settembre 18, 2005

A lot of pictures

My daily quarter of Terre de France works. Finally I finished the ninth block. I have to stitch other four blocks but I think I'll not be able to stitch all before the end of the month and the next block. So I'll go on with my daily quarter...

I took part in an International bookmarks exchange on EMS forum and my secret partner received my bookmark. So I can post the pictures. I used "The Orchard" to stitch the lady but I changed the colours because my secret partner's favourite colour is blue. I also stitched some flowers of Elizabeth's designs and here is the bookmark!

Yesterday we went to Impruneta, a little town not far from Florence where there was a wine tasting. We were with our friends and we really enjoyed ourselves.

This is the church of Impruneta.

And this is the cloister of the church, where there was the tasting.

3 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

The bookmark is so pretty! I have the Orchard in my stash - Carol sent it to me when she was done with her chart :o) - and it was such a nifty idea to include the little woman into a bookmark. Very pretty colours too!

Well done on you Terre de France marquoir too. You'll get there in the end! :)

Thanks for the pictures from Impruneta - beautiful!

Danielle ha detto...

Your bookmark is lovely! And Terre de France is coming along nicely! I have not been working much on my big projects!! Wine tasting--yum--that sounds like fun! :)

Carol ha detto...

Wow, thanks for all the neat photos! Your marquoir looks great!! And I love how you used The Orchard for that cute bookmark. Great pics of Italy too - what a treat today :-)