lunedì, settembre 12, 2005


I'm working on my charity's project because I have to finish it before the end of September. I was really busy with charity's projects in the past months and I'm going not to be so busy in future because I have not been stitching many things for me for several days. I decided to continue stitching charity's projects but they will be less numerous. Well, here is the progress of the day. We can see that it's a dog!!!

I've not received my Celtic Summer pattern yet and I'm a bit worried...I have already received my fabrics' order that came from America and I had ordered these Teresa Kogut fabrics after my Celtic Summer pattern from Victoria Needle...
I can't wait for receiving the pattern because I have to pick the right fabric and to start stitching my Celtic lady for the Celtic Ladies SAL.

I would have liked to make a stitching rotation like many ladies but I think I'm not ready for a rotation. I tried stitching with a weekly rotation but it didn't work with me. At the moment I decided to stitch at least for a quarter every day my Terre de France Marquoir. I'm going to recovery all the blocks but I have a big work to do!!! They are 12 and I'm stitching only the ninth!
Then I decided to stitch my Passione Ricamo at least for a quarter every day till I finish all the roses. I'd like to stitch the face of the fairy or the prince but I want to finish the roses because they're so boring for me!
I'm starting today...will I be able to do so?

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Isabelle ha detto...

Sounds great Bea. Goals that seem manageable. I'm like you, I'm not sure a rotation will work for me either... Maybe it's because we have too little stitching time?

Your doggie is coming along lovely :o)


Carol ha detto...

Yay, you are going to get back to your Passione Ricamo :-) I finished Miracle Butterfly last night - she was great fun to stitch and is so sparkly!! I just have to get her new pattern soon!!! I hope your Celtic Summer chart comes soon.... how annoying to have to wait!! There are several ladies who have not started yet, so don't worry, please. I only just started last Thursday too :-)