lunedì, settembre 26, 2005

Thank you, Carol!!!

I knew that Carol is very generous, but this time she has surpassed herself. She sent me a big gift for my birthday and I don't know how to thank her. You can see the gift in the picture...
She sent me two pieces of beautiful hand-dyed fabrics (I love them!), three patterns, one of Margaret Sherry (so cute!), one of Elizabeth's Designs who is one of my favourite designer and one of Mirabilia, this one is in my future projects!!! It's beautiful! Thank you again.

I have not big progresses to share. I stitched only last Friday.
Here is the stitches with the DMC 310 on my charity's project "Dalmatian".

We can't understand what is it, but I'm telling you: it's a dog.

I didn't stitch because it was a busy weekend.
On Saturday in Florence there was the first show about hobbies like patchwork and cross stitch. I went with my cousin, but to tell the truth the show disappointed me. I didn't find anything new. There were many things but I had already seen them online. Surely it was interesting to visit the show because finally in Florence there was something about patchwork and cross stitch!!!
Naturally I bought something.

They are some fabrics I bought to prepare a postcard to exchange with an Italian lady. We decided to try sewing a postcard. I saw beautiful postcard made with fabrics and embellishments. I decided to buy some cute buttons, they're very little and you can't see them...
Sunday was the day of castles in Italy. There are so many castles those are not usually open. Once every year they are open and everyone can visit them. We decided to visit Castello da Verrazzano not far from Florence. It's a private castle where Verrazzano was born and lived before leaving for America. In America he discovered the bay of New York. In the castle a new family lives and produces oil and wine. They produce Chianti wine and at the end of the visit there was a free tasting. Good! Lore was very happy!!!

Here is
the country
the castle.


The castle.

The cellars of the castle

Finally we have another Italian blogger, my friend Chiara. Welcome!!!

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Carol ha detto...

You are welcome Bea! Have a great bday! I was hoping you would want to stitch Rose of Sharon along with me one day :-) (Sorry the ebay seller sent me only the chart and photo, not the outer packaging - I was so annoyed as I would have preferred to send you all the pieces!!) - great photos today, I am going back now to look at them!!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc ha detto...

Indeed Carol is very generous and indeed lucky to have a friend like her. :)

Isabelle ha detto...

Oh wow! Carol has been at it again! She is so generous!

I love the fabrics you bought at the show too!!

And it is so nice to see a picture of your pretty face :o)

Chiara ha detto...

Hi Bea,
thanks a lot for the welcome!!!!
...what beautifull patterns you have received I hope to see soon the WIp of them!!!

Danielle ha detto...

Bea--lucky you--what great stash!!! Surprise gifts like those are the best. Thanks for sharing the photos of the castle--how lovely!!

Selina ha detto...

wow, those pictures of the castle are amazing. Also, your gifts are just wonderful :)