martedì, settembre 20, 2005

Pictures again

A little happy dance! I finished my charity's project "Dramatic" by Margaret Sherry.

Now I have to stitch only one pattern for the charity's projects. Then I'd like to have a break with them because I've so many ideas and I want to realize some of them. I'm thinking to take part in the Silkweaver Showcase and I don't have enough time if I go on with other charity's projects.
So I started stitching "Dalmatian" and I'm going to finish it as soon as possible. Here is the first picture!

The daily quarter of "Once upon a time" is going good even if I still have a big work to do with the roses. Here is a picture about my Passione Ricamo.

And I sewed other four blocks for my Christmas quilt. The six bigger blocks are all ready, now I'm going to cut the fabrics to sew the little blocks.
Here are the bigger blocks.

3 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

Wow Bea, you've been busy. Congratulations on your HD - that doggie is just too cute!

You've done some great work on your quilt as well!
And what you've stitched of Once upon a Time is so pretty. That daily quarter seems to work wonders! :o)

Svenja ha detto...

I love the Margaret Sherry piece! They are too cute.

Carol ha detto...

Wow, I am getting nervous about stitching those roses when I start Once Upon A Time too :-) Your MS design is adorable - great job! All your WIPS look great! Thanks for sharing - what a treat!