sabato, dicembre 31, 2005

Last stitches

We're ready. Lore cooked the meat (roast-beef) and I prepared the cheesecake. We're going and having dinner with other 11 friends. I decided to change my hairstyle and I had my hair set. I'm waiting for looesening my hair and I hope to have not done anything wrong otherwise I'll be the clown of the night. Lol!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2005 was wonderful, I really enjoyed with all the blogger stitchers and I hope our 2006 will be as this past year.
I look forward to starting the new year with my old projects and new ones.
I've a lot of projects in mind and I'd like to realize at least some of those.

I have the last stitches to share. Yesterday I worked a bit on the Carriage House Sampling design I chose to stitch with the Vikki's silks.
I stitched Celtic Summer by Lavender&Lace too but I've not an interesting progress to post.

Have a great night!

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Ulla ha detto...



Isabelle ha detto...

Happy New Year Bea!!

I hope 2006 brings you lots of happiness, stitching, and plenty of love and friendship!!

This is so funny, I made my first cheesecake ever for New Year's Eve Dinner yesterday ;)

Chiara ha detto...

Happy new year Bea!!

Danielle ha detto...

I love Carriage House Samplings, too! I also have this chart and will have to check back and watch your progress.