venerdì, dicembre 23, 2005

Before Christmas

I've not been stitching for some days but I didn't feel motivate. I had not pictures to share about my progresses. I'm working on Christmas gifts and I prefer to post these pictures after Christmas when all the gifts are opened.
Tonight I'm going to finish off some potholders for my cousins and my father. I have to sew a gift for a friend too. I think I should be ready tomorrow.
This morning I received my most recent order on SB&B. They're a lot of beautiful threads I need for some future projects. There are threads for some Little House Needleworks charts and threads for some Lizzie Kate flip-it. With an Italian friend I'll start stitching 12 Flip-it charts by Lizzie Kate. We'll stitch a chart every month and we'll start next January. Naturally we'll stitch the January flip-it. It's a kind of SAL and if anyone wants to join us, we'd be happy.
It's 10.20 pm here and I have to go and stitch. Christmas is really coming...

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Ulla ha detto...

Merry Christmas Bea

Have a nice Christmas.We start in January with new projects.Before that I have to stitch some cards.
All presents are under the Christmas tree until tomorrow afternoon.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Carol ha detto...

Lovely threads :-)

Merry Christmas Bea! Thanks for being such a good friend :-0

Katrina ha detto...

Happy Christmas Bea, and all the best for the new year too!

Isabelle ha detto...

Hi Bea,
Those threads are lovely!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hugs from France! :o)

Chiara ha detto...

Buon Natale Bea!!!

AnneS ha detto...

Bea, those threads look gorgeous - I love overdyed threads :) Hope your Christmas went well and you managed to find some down time to relax ;)