lunedì, dicembre 26, 2005

Christmas gifts

Yesterday we spent a really happy Christmas. We had lunch at my grandmother's home. We were 17: there were my uncles and aunts, my cousins, my father and my grandparents. We really enjoyed because my grandfather dressed up as Santa and he distributed the gifts. The gifts were in a big sacking. After lunch we talked and played, then we went and visited Lore's family. We had dinner with his parents, his brother, his sister and his nephews.

I'm near the big table

My grandparents dressed up as Santa

Naturally I counldn't stitch yesterday but I can share the pictures of my Christmas gifts.

These are the needlecases I stitched and sewed for my friends and cousins. The right side:

and the back side:

This is a stockings case for two of my friends. I sewed two of these. I stitched the words "Le calze". That means "stockings".

I sewed two identical potholders for my father. The design is by an Italian magazine. The fabric is a Debbie Mumm fabric (Le Petite Provence).

And I sewed six of these potholders. Two are for my kitchen, the others are for my two cousins. The fabrics are by Teresa Kogut (Wintertime Friends).

Today I can come back my usual stitching. I'm organizing my stash and my future projects. I kitted up one of my 2006 designs. I'm going to stitch my first Carriage House Samplings design. It's "Be my love" and I'll use a Cashel Linen from Zweigart Taupe 28ct. The threads are by Victoria Clayton.

I'd like to talk more about my future projects but I'll do so in another post. Later we'll visit our friends because we have to decide our dinner menu for the 31th of December. Now I want to stitch a bit!

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Ulla ha detto...

Dear Bea

I really feel fine when I can see your yellow potholders with an embroidery in "summercolours".I'm really tired of the darkness we have up here and I also need to do some embroidery in soft but colourful patterns.
My elder boy has a party tonight so it's going to be late .Tomorrow morning I try to do my RR ready and then I do some embroideries for cards.Small projects.I hope I can crochet a new coaster for my new teacup later this week.

Have a nice end of the Christmas and we go on stitching.2006 I start with Christmas Elf.

Ulla in snowy north of Sweden

Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea,
It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday :-) Thanks for the lovely photos! Your grandparents are just adorable! And those gifts you made - oh my! Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so looking forward to watching your CHS project develop. When would you like to stitch the Dawn SAL? Would a spring start be OK for you?

Isabelle ha detto...

Bea, it looks like you had a great Christmas! And the gifts you made are all gorgeous!!! I love your taste :) :) :)

Thank you so very much - again - for your thoughtful package! (I hope you got the message I sent through your website's email feature).

Many hugs to you and Happy Stitching! Like you I can't wait to get back to stitching ;)

AnneS ha detto...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day for Christmas - I love the photo of your grandparents, they're adorable in their Santa outfits :) I also love all your stitched gifts - they are truly beautiful :)

Senorita Stitches ha detto...

What sweet gifts you made. I think one was meant for me, as it has my name on it. :)