martedì, ottobre 11, 2005


Today I have only patchwork pictures.

Some days ago an Italian friend and I decided to make a small exchange of patchwork postcards. We saw a lot of beautiful postcards online, instead my postcard is really simple. But it should be a test...
Here is the right side

and the back side (to tell the truth I also stitched it!!!)

Then I'm going on cutting the fabrics to sew the smaller blocks of my Christmas quilt. I also started sewing the smaller blocks. I need 24 small blocks and I sewed 8. In the picture one of the sewed blocks.

Now I'm going to stitch a bit...

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Carol ha detto...

Those are so sweet :-) I voted for Coffee Menu - I just ordered the Crescent Colours for it today... I plan to stitch it up very soon, probably as my at work project for a while - need a break from the 17th Century Irish Garden... :-)