lunedì, ottobre 17, 2005

Autumn weekend

First of all I'd like to thank you for your comments about my marquoir and my stocking. You're so kind, ladies. And I love that you're voting my poll. Thanks.

During the weekend I was pretty busy. We went shopping but we didn't buy anything...just some red felt that I hope to use for some Christmas ornaments...but I think I'll not have enough time to do everything.
Then we went for a walk neighbourhood of our house. Saturday was a sunny day and we enjoyed our walk. At home I decided to put in order my Italian cross stitch magazines and some threads. In the night we went to an Irish pub (to remember our beautiful holidays!) but they didn't have Guinness!!!
On Sunday we went to Vicchio, a little town not far from Florence, and we had an afternoon snack at La Casa del prosciutto that means "the ham house". They have wonderful sandwiches and "focaccia", a kind of pizza without tomato and mozzarella. Then we went to Vicchio's chestnut festival. Lore ate chestnuts and I bought chestnuts flour to make a chestnut cake. I also bought some orange green tea. I love tea!!!


The ham house


I went on with my Christmas quilt and I sewed 8 triangles like the one of the picture. And I sewed other little blocks.

I decided to take part in the Silkweaver Showcase. I'm going to stitch a small pattern because I have few time to do it. I chose a Felicity Wishes pattern. I like Felicity Wishes patterns very much: they're cute and funny. I started stitching Day Dreams and I'm using a 28ct Lugana Blue Fusion. Very few stitches!

Saturday was the start day for the Passione Ricamo Topiaries SAL. I couldn't stitch on Saturday but I had already chosen the fabric and printed the free pattern. I'm using another Silkweaver fabric, Lemon Sparkle. If I finish also this pattern before Christmas I'll take part in the Silkweaver Showcase with this one too.

Yesterday I started stitching my Winter Topiary from the middle of the pattern. I worked with some green and yellow colours. The pic is not good but we can see the opalescent fabric!!!

4 commenti:

Chiara ha detto...

The Silkweaver fabric you are using for the Topiary is glittering, I 've never seen this kind of pattern it is marvellous ..I think this design will be really suitable for the Silkweaver Showcase I hope you'll finished it on time!!

Isabelle ha detto...

Hi Bea, we have 2 more common points: we love tea and Guinness! ;o) Looks like you had a lovely time in Vicchio this weekend. (although I'm confused about the jam - is it jam or ham? As a French native I also tend to confuse the two... ;o))

Love those new projects you started! I always figured the Felicity Wishes designs were quite big to stitch, but I feel I might have been mistaken! That blue fabric is great to picture a dreaming fairy...

Happy stitching!

Isabelle ha detto...

HI Bea, just got your comment ;o) You know I really think that many non-native English speaker make this mistake! Honestly, what a weird thing, two words so similar for 2 very different kinds of food! ;o)

And, oh yes, I am really thinking of getting the Bookshelf chart. But I love Coffee Menu as well! ;o)

Hugs and have a lovely day!

Carol ha detto...

Hi Bea, Looks like you have been busy with your stitching :-) The Blue Fusion you are using for Felicity Wishes is the fabric I used for Earth Angel (except mine was 32 ct) - nice, isn't it?? I adore the pics you put up of Italy - you and Isabelle keep me plied with photos that make me want to travel again!!! Thank you!