martedì, ottobre 04, 2005


I think that Sew&So is usually expensive but I ordered some DMC threads because in Italy they are more expensive. I'm really happy because I received the pack this morning. I ordered the threads six days ago and now they are here! I purchased 39 threads and I payed each one only 0.77€. I usually pay each one 1.15€, so this time Sew&So was cheap!!!

About my goals, I don't usually make a list but I read many blogs and everyone makes a list. I decided some weeks ago to stitch daily both Terre de France and Once upon a time for a quarter. Done!!!

My October goals are about Christmas.
I would like to start stitching the four needlecase I have to prepare, then I'd like to stitch other two little patterns.
And I'm going to stitch till both Terre de France and Once upon a time. This kind of goal works with me.

Now I have some pictures to share.
I sewed a bit and I tried to make my first Dear Jane block. The result is not good and I'm going to make it again as soon as possible. I had joined an Italian group about Dear Jane and I was going to start it before summer but I had not enough time.
Here is the picture.

Then I started cutting some fabrics to sew the smaller blocks of my Christmas quilt. They will be 24 small blocks and I have to cut a lot of pieces... Here is the picture of the fabrics I'm going to use for them.

And finally I sewed L'Atelier de Brodeuse. I'm really happy about the fabric I chose. It turned out right for the colours I used in the pattern.

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Carol ha detto...

No, no - don't order DMC! Please, let me know when you need it, it is as low as 23 cents here and often on sale!!! Your Atelier de Brodeuse is soooo cute!!! All your finishes and WIPS look great! Hope you ended up having a great bday and are feeling better by now :-)

Katrina ha detto...

Hi Bea, your Atelier pillow is lovely -well done. I love the Christmas fabric, as well as cross stitch stash, I collect Christmasy fabrics to use for my Christmas sewing. Its so cute!

Chiara ha detto...

Hi Bea, I hope You get well, Christmass cloth are very nice, How do you cut it? With scossors or with cutter? I try too make some quilt but I'm too imprecise in cutting the fabric so my quilt became disaster!!!Compliments for your work Atelier de Brodeuse is pretty !!

Isabelle ha detto...

I LOVE your Atelier de Brodeuses!

As for threads, I am in the very same situation: Sew&So is much cheaper even with the shipping costs! :o/

Danielle ha detto...

Your Atelier de Broduese is lovely!!! The fabric is perfect, too. I really have to pull that one out again. I can't believe DMC is so expensive over there! If you watch for sales over here, you can sometimes get 5 skeins for a dollar (only 20 cents!!).

Mercedes ha detto...

Wow, I love your Atelier pillow, Nice fabric too