giovedì, ottobre 06, 2005

Christmas list

This is what happens when you read interesting blogs.
I fell in love with the kit by Mill Hill that Dani received last day. It's really lovely and I had to order it. I had decided not to stitch anything for Halloween because in Italy we don't have a big celebration for it. We have been having a celebration for Halloween for few years. When I saw Dani's kit I thought I could stitch a small pattern for Halloween and that one is right!!! So I ordered it...but I ordered other three kits for Christmas. And this is what happens when you read blogs!!!

I decided to make a list of my Christmas goals. If I write it I can take a look at them, I realize that the list is long and I have a valid reason for working on them.
Here is my list:

- a charity doll for Unicef that we call "Pigotta". Pigotta is an Italian name to call a fabrics doll. I have been sewing one every year since 2001. You can see them here.

- two stockings of Shepherd's Bush, one for me and one for Lore.

- one Christmas ornament for EMS exchange

- three Christmas Mill Hill kits for my Christmas tree

- five needlecases using the pattern "L'Atelier de Brodeuse"

- two patterns for sewing other two gifts

- my Christmas quilt

Yesterday I decided to work only on Christmas stitches and I'm going to share the progress of my stocking, Teri's Stocking.

I started stitching my first needlecase too. This one is for Lore's sister. I know she likes blue colours so I chose these colours. Tonight I'm going to finish the bottom of the pattern and the number "3". Then on the back side I'll stitch some words for her and it'll be finished! I'm optimist...

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Chiara ha detto...

A very interesting question ON SBQ..i'm thinking about IT some days ago...

Danielle ha detto...

I think you will enjoy the MH Halloween kit!! I love your "Atelier" project--the blue looks nice. You are going to be very busy until Christmas!! I have a list going, too!

Carol ha detto...

Looks like you are going to be busy :-) Good thing we won't be starting Rose of Sharon until next year! Jenn wants to join us - OK with you?