lunedì, ottobre 10, 2005

Christmas again!

I have just read the most recent post of Karin on her blog and I'm really displeased about her decision. I decided to open a blog when I saw her blog, it was the first cross stitch blog I found online and I fell in love with it. But I can understand her. Sometimes I think I spend a lot of time reading blogs or stitching... but I love doing so and I forget it!

Yesterday I decided not to stitch in the afternoon because the autumn has arrived and I think it's the right season to prepare some good cakes and other things. I prepared my first dough for pizza of this autumn. So we ate pizza at home!

After dinner I stitched.
So I have a big progress to share. I'm pretty happy because Teri's Stocking is going on good!

I have also a small progress for my Celtic Summer. Today the picture is not good, but I went on stitching her dress with the blue.

Finally I'm going to answer my SBQ.

When you have almost finished a pattern and start thinking about the next one to stitch, how do you select it? (a list, most recent purchase, etc.)

I have a future works list and it's very long. But I don't usually select my next pattern from it...I'd like to do so, but I don't always do so. I often fall in love with new patterns (every day) and I write them in my future works list. Sometimes I choose a new project taking a look at my list and I select the one I'd like to start in that moment. Sometimes I start stitching a new pattern because somebody organizes a SAL or an exchange. And I can't tell "no" when there is a SAL or an exchange...

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Carol ha detto...

Wow, both of your WIPS look great!! Congratulations! It is autumn here too - light the apple scented candle, turn on the football and stitch! I would bake cakes, but who would eat them? We don't eat sugar in my house - LOL!!! I will miss Karen too - I was sensing it as she was not around much at all lately.... I enjoy my stitching and my blogging too much to ever leave it :-) My DH would be disappointed if I gave up on my hobbies too - same for gardening and my sports! I hope you stick around - I am very fond of you!

Stitchie Kiwi ha detto...

Hi Bea! I'm not sure I've read your blog before, but I will be now :) I came to look at your Celtic Lady progress - the colours look very pretty, I'll be watching your progress with interest :) Love your other progress pictures too - I'd love to quilt more so will enjoy reading those updates too!

Danielle ha detto...

Your stocking is looking really good!! Nice progress. I am sorry to hear Karen is dropping her blog, too. It is hard to juggle a lot of things sometimes, though. I have to ask what you put on your pizza? Pizza is one of my favorite foods--LOL!