mercoledì, ottobre 26, 2005

It' mine!!!

I feel better but I'm till tired...I stitched a bit: I started beading but it's a long work! I'm sure I'll not be able to finish the MH kit before Halloween.

This morning I received my Christmas Ornaments. Finally I've it! I liked it and I saw some interesting ornaments. Some beads arrived too: they're for the Celtic Summer and Once upon a time of PR. By the way I'm till stitching the roses but I'm going to upload a picture soon. And there're some threads for my Terre de France.

At the end I decided to purchase the new Mirabilia's's mine! I can't beleive it!!! I can't wait for having it at home. And I purchased two of the LHN patterns you voted: I chose Coffee Menu and The bookshelf. Thank you for your voting, it was interisting. I'll change the poll in the next days. I'm kitting Coffee Menu because I'd like to start it as soon as possible.

5 commenti:

Danielle ha detto...

You are zipping along with those witches!! I found lots of ornaments to stitch in the JCS ornament issue! Enjoy!

Ulla ha detto...

I wish you the best.Hope you can enjoy the weekend better.

I have also ordered the Mirabilia-it's on it's way to Sweden now.So happy.

My best wishes

Carol ha detto...

Congrats on your new stash!!!!! I am excited you will soon post a WIP pic of Once Upon A Time - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelle ha detto...

Your Mill Hill project is so cute! Even if you don't get it done for this year, think how early you will be for next year. :o)

Isabelle ha detto...

He he he... I loved the bookshelf but I ended up voting for Coffee Menu. Gret thing that you ordered both!

Congratulations on the Mirabilia kit! What a scrumptious treat! :-D

You've stitched loads on you witches. They're so cute!

Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful country! I dream of going to Tuscany one day...