lunedì, novembre 14, 2005


I have not many things to tell.
During this weekend we stayed at home but I didn't stitch anything Saturday. We went out with our friends, we came back to our usual pizzeria. It's the oldest pizzeria in my town and we used to go there when we were about 14-15 years old. We really enjoyed because we met other friends and we recalled the past.

Yesterday I stitched all the day and I'm satisfied with my Felicity Wishes. She's going on and I think she'll be ready for the Silkweaver's Showcase. Good!

I've a progress for my stocking as well. Finally Lore noticed it and I think he's happy that I'm going to stitch another one for him.

4 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

Bea, that is such lovely stitching. You've made some great progress on your Felicity Wishes!

I am in love with your stocking... And what a wonderful idea to make a matching one for Lore!

Ulla ha detto...

2 totaly different styles-I love them ..both.Tough and romantic.
Have a nice week
ulla in the north of sweden

Danielle ha detto...

Your weekend sounds like fun! And your stocking looks great, too. I am in the mood for some Christmas stitching for me!!!

Carol ha detto...

Both WIPS look great!!!! You have been busy :-)