giovedì, novembre 17, 2005

Finally...happy dance!

Finally I have a finished work.
It took me a long time but it turned out lovely. It's my last charity project. I decided to take some time off. During this year I stitched for charity a lot of patterns. Now I want to stitch something for me, I've some patterns I'm going to start stitching and two SAL with Carol during next year. I'll not stop stitching for charity but I'll reduce the projects.

The stocking is my main pattern during these days. I've quite finished the stitches. Then I'll have to attach some embellishments and I'm waiting for an Alpaca thread to stitch the hair. I want to finish it as soon as possible because I'm going to start the other one and I noticed these stockings are not so quick to stitch.

I received something during the past days.
I fell in love with Victoria Calyton silks when they arrived last week so I had to purchase something else. I decided to start using her silks and stitching a pattern of Carriage House Sampling that has a good conversion to her silks. So I ordered new silks and I've already received them.

Finally yesterday my LHN patterns arrived. I'm so happy! I'm looking for the fabrics because I absolutely love "Coffe Menu" and I want to start stitching it soon. I received the GAST and Crescent Colours fibers I need for "Coffee Menu" and other future works.

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Chiara ha detto...

Your dog turn out really lovely...compliments!!

Chris ha detto...

Your dalmation is very cute.

Isabelle ha detto...

That's so cute, Bea! Congratulations on that happy dance! :o)

AnneS ha detto...

Wow, that's some stash haul of silks etc - can I come and play at your house for a while? I promise to be extra quiet!! :) Your dalmation is beautiful, too ... we all need to find time to stitch for ourselves occasionally, so enjoy 'your' stitching time :)

Ulla ha detto...

tough dog-perfest embroidery
silk yarn-just so wonderful
Have a nice weekend
ulla in the north of Sweden

Lnanaa ha detto...

The dog is really cute. I like that little house of needlework you got there. It's very pretty.

tkdchick ha detto...

That's such a cute finish!!! I'm working on a stocking as well, fighting the Christmas deadline!

Carol ha detto...

Great WIPS - and great stash :-)