giovedì, novembre 24, 2005

New works

First of all I want to thank everyone for your comments. I have to catch up with reading your blogs and writing some comments because I spent another day without Internet access and telephone.

Now I'm here and I hope I'll not have other problems.

As I told last day I started stitching a new stocking. It's Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush. These are my first stitches.

I have a long work to do with it but I'll try to finish it before Christmas.

I couldn't wait for starting The Christmas Elf Fairy too. I stitched a bit. I'm stitching the skirt.

Last week I forgot to answer and today I've two questions.

Do you always sign your projects? If not, why? If so, do you use your first name, initials or what?

No, I don't. I can't tell why but it depends on the kind of pattern. Sometimes I think a sign will turn out good, sometimes I don't like to sign a pattern. To tell the truth I would like to leave a sign on every works I do but it seems to "ruin" the design. I always sign a sampler because of the kind of pattern. A sampler can't be without a sign.

How do you feel about staying totally true to a pattern? Do you feel that you have to rip out stitches to fix a mistake or do you feel it's acceptable to incorporate a mistake into the design?

I think it's not acceptable to incorporate a mistake into the design. Even if the mistake is insignificant and I can't see it I know that there is a mistake and I can't put up with it. If it is possible, I usually unstitch and stitch again. Yes, I'm a fussy person.

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