lunedì, novembre 28, 2005

Happy dance!

During this weekend we went shopping but we didn't buy anything. I bought only the ribbon to sew my Christmas stocking. Then we stayed at home because it rained and I thought it was not a good idea to go and see Harry Potter and the globe of fire during his first weekend. There were a lot of persons.
So I stitched a bit and I finished my Felicity Wishes.
I'm very happy about the result. She's nice and the fabric is lovely. I stitched this design on Blue Fusion lugana 28ct. Now I'm ready to take part in the Silkweaver Showcase.

By the way I'm waiting for the second Medium Treat Bag from Silkweaver. Well, I was really lucky with my first bag but the second one seems to be lost. They sent it last 8 November and it has not arrived yet. :(

Yesterday I was finishing my Winter Topiary by Passione Ricamo when I noticed that I needed DMC 3706 and I have not it! Besides I didn't order it. So I want to go and buy it at my LNS today. This is because I have to stitch only 9 stitches to finish the topiary!

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Isabelle ha detto...

Congratulations Bea, your fairy is so cute! Lovely fabric.

AnneS ha detto...

Felicitys wishes is really lovely - she looks great on that fabric ... doing a happy dance along with ya :)

Chiara ha detto...


Carol ha detto...

Oooo, she is so cute! Congratulations!

Danielle ha detto...

I love this design!! I have to look up the designer and order her! Is it a European designer? I have never seen this before! I heard the new Harry Potter movie is excellent! Yum--lucky you--real Italian pizza (pizza is my very favorite--LOL)!! Wonderful work!!