venerdì, novembre 04, 2005


I'm waiting for some parcels. I've not received anything yet and I'm a bit worried. I'm waiting for my Medium Treat Bag from Silkweaver, the new kit of Mirabilia and "Coffee Menu" from Stitching Bits Bobs. I hoped to receive my treat bag this morning, I've been waiting for it for several didn't I wanted to console myself with other shopping. Finally I decided to purchase some hand-dyed fibers. I've been wanted to purchase them on Victoria Clayton's website for a long time but I had never done before today. I purchased two different assortments of fibers and a silk ribbon to use in my Shepherd's Bush stotcking.

I've a little progress on the skirt of the Felicity Wishes' lady. I've quite finished the stitches with the DMC 347. Well done! I'm happy about this progess but I really need an happy dance. I don't remember my last finish...

Two questions and two answers.

Have you ever stitched something as a gift and later realized that receiver doesn't respect your stitched gift a bit (for example it's never on show, or you have other reason to suspect that it may even be nonexistent or at least placed in some dark storage room corner)? If so, what have you done? If you've been lucky enough to avoid such people what would you do if it'd happen to you?

I've been lucky enough because my friends were always happy to receive my gifts. This is what they said, but I beleive it. I usually prepare gifts for the friends those will be happy to receive them. Once I prepared a little quilt for the baby of a friend and she was so happy! She has always used and showed it. All my friends remember that quilt! If this sometimes doesn't happen I'll decide to prepare nothing else for this person.

If you have stitched for a while, can you usually pick out the DMC colors you need from memory when you go to your LNS? (For example, you know that 610 is a brown.)

oh, yes! I remember almost all the colours.

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Ulla ha detto...

Good morning Bea

I have got the kit of The Christmas Elf Fairy and it's a sweet little kit with colours just so lovely.It's woth waiting for it.
I also wish you a nice weekend

Isabelle ha detto...

Hi Bea, I am still waiting for my Small Treat Bag as well (I placed my order on Oct. 21). They say there can be a delay when we order hand-dyeds, so many that's why we're still waiting?
I hope you get everything quite soon! :o)

Well done on your progress on Felicity Wishes!

Have a great weekend!

Carol ha detto...

I'm waiting and waiting too... for my medium treat bag - the post just came, no treat bag again today - so sad, isn't it?? LOL!