giovedì, novembre 30, 2006

A good rotation!

Have I already talked about my good rotation?
Yes, I have. I'm so happy how it's working that I'm wondering why I haven't ever decided a rotation before this month.

On Monday I usually stitch Christian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush. I started stitching it last year and it became an UFO after Christmas. Some weeks ago I pulled out it and I made a little progress.

Last year:

Last Monday:

On Wednesday I usually stitch my Christmas ornaments and yesterday I finished a Santa by Kris Kringle (Prairie Schooler). This is my tenth ornament in 2006. I'll have to stitch two ornaments before Christmas because I want to use them for my tree.

I also stitched something else, not only the patterns in my rotation and this is the result!

I finished this lovely pattern by LHN, Elizabeth McGuire (Dear Diary series).
It was not one of my favourite patterns in this series and I decided to stitch it as first of the Dear Diary patterns. While I was stitching it I fell in love with it. I like very much the cabin and the lady.

5 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Wow, you are making such lovely progresses! Nice to see the SB stocking back in your rotation!! And your finish is just adorable!

Ulla ha detto...

Yes you are right.the lady and the and her house and "garden" is really very nice and perhaps not so common and I aslo think you can have a great joy of it for many years.

Have a nice weekend
Ulla in the nort of Sweden

Katrina ha detto...

so nice to see your recent stitching Bea, and I hope your rotation works out for you :) Take care xx

xsquared ha detto...

Lovely work all around! Glad to hear the rotation is working so well for you!

Isabelle ha detto...

Congrats on all your lovely stitching! It's all looking great :)