venerdì, novembre 24, 2006

Thank you, Carol

This morning I received a beautiful gift by Carol. It's one of the most lovely gifts I've ever received. Thanks, Carol, you're so sweet.

In the package I found scissors and scissor-fob. These new scissors will be my favourite ones, they're the first ones somebody gave me as a present. The scissor-fob is a very great work and you can't appreciate it because my picture doesn't it justice. I really like it because Carol used a pattern of one of my favourite designers.

My first rotation seems to work and I'm really happy about it.
I worked on everything in the list but I can't post each progress because I'm working on some gifts and exchanges.

I'm uploading only the progress on November Flip-It.

I followed my plans but I also stitched something else.
I'm really enjoying Elizabeth McGuire by LHN. It's a relaxing and quick design.

4 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

You are so very welcome Bea! I just wish I had gotten it to you closer to your actual birthday!! I am so happy that your rotation is working out well for you!

Isabelle ha detto...

What a lovely giftie from Carol! Your WIPs look great too :)

elenamac ha detto...

bello il regalo ed anche i progressi crocettopsi sono splendidi! Brava come al solito!!!

Lana ha detto...

Your WIP's look great! Keep up the good work!