martedì, novembre 07, 2006

Reviewing goals

Finally I can post some pictures.
During the past days I didn't stitch a lot. I only finished the monthly Flip-It and I worked on the Christmas ornament. This one is taking me a long time, more than I thought. It's a Santa by Prairie Schooler and even if he's about 50wx70h he's a little busy project. My next Santas will be smaller because I want to finish twelve ornaments before the end of this year and I decided to choose other Santas by Prairie Schooler and not the yearly ones.

I received my third envelope. I'm taking part in an Italian mail art exchange and I'm really enjoying myself.
This is the lovely envelope that my partner sent me.

Front side:

Back side:


It's time to review October goals.

- stitch August, September and October Flip-It by LK
I stitched only August and October

- stitch the monthly Christmas ornament and the September one
no! I only worked on the September one

- stitch a block of Terre de France

- work on the pattern by Sisters and Best Friends started as a SAL with some Italian friends
only a bit

- work on Quaker Garden
yes, but I didn't post a picture because I found a big mistake and I had to unstitch and stitch again a part of the pattern

- finish a charity pattern I started last month

- work on Merry Christmas by Brightneedle (SAL with some French ladies)
no, I'm still waiting for my supplies

- finish the curtains for my kitchen
no :(

I also finished an UFO, Cookin' Up Magic by Mill Hill and I pulled out other two UFOs I'm working on. I have not pubblished pictures yet because the progresses are not so important but I'm really happy because I stitched them again. I also stitched an envelope for my third mail art exchange but I can't upload it because I have to sew and send it.

Now I'm writing my November goals. I decided to focus my work on few goals.

-stitch September and November Flip-It by LK
-stitch September, October and November ornaments
-finish a block of Terre de France
-finish the curtains for my kitchen

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