martedì, novembre 21, 2006

My first rotation

I've never tried to use a rotation and yesterday I decided to prepare my first one. I'll be busy stitching some Christmas gifts and finishing some of my goals for 2006 so a rotation looks a good idea to organize my works.

This is the rotation:

Monday - Christian's stocking (that was an UFO few days ago) and gifts for Christmas
Tuesday - Flip-It by Lizzie Kate, I have to stitch three to finish all the series Blocks
Wednesday - Celtic Summer (that was an UFO few weeks ago) and Christmas ornaments
Thursday - Christmas gifts/exchanges
Friday - Christmas ornaments
Saturday/Sunday - Terre de France and what I like

Yesterday I started using my rotation and I worked on Christian's stocking. I've not taken a picture yet. I also started stitching two ornaments but I can't post the pictures before Christmas.
My most recent progress is a progress on the Santa by PS.

I also stitched an envelope for my Italian mail art exchange. It was for Chiara. She has already received it and I can post the pictures.
I used some patterns by Lizzie Kate because she's one of her favourite designers. I tried to be more creative than usual...

Front side:

Back side:


5 commenti:

AnneS ha detto...

Beautiful mail art! :D Good luck with your rotation - it looks good :)

Carol ha detto...

Yay - I love rotations! What a good way to get a lot done!

Barb ha detto...

Love your mail art. I tried to do rotations but it just doesn't work for me.

susinapenelope ha detto...

gran bella idea per portare avanti tanti progetti. dovrei provarci anch'io :-)
un sorriso

Danielle ha detto...

Hi Bea--I have tried again to email you, but for some reason my emails keep getting pinged back to me!! Can you please email me your mailing address as I have something to send you! Thanks--Danielle! :)