venerdì, novembre 17, 2006

Some pictures

I've not been writing for some days, so I have some pictures to share.

I'm trying to work on my monthly goals and I stitched November Flip-It by LK.
I love Autumn, so I'm enjoying this lovely colours.

I also decided to start stitching a new Christmas ornament. It should be the October one that I've not stitched yet.
I chose a Santa by Kris Kringle, leaflet by Prairie Schooler. He should be faster then the last one I stitched.

A little progress:

After an unlucky order that I put on Pawprint I received some fabrics I ordered more than two months ago. I'm very disappointed about this order. They didn't have the buttons I ordered and they let me wait for all the supplies. After two months they decided to send me the fabrics because they have not received the buttons yet. I think they should have sent me the fabrics at least a month ago...
At the end I received my fabrics. I needed them to start stitching a new big project. I'm going to stitch all the series Dear Diary by LHN and to sew the patterns into a quilt. As I received the fabrics some days ago I immediately started stitching the first pattern. I chose Elizabeth McGuire as first design.

I stitched it for two days and these are my progresses.

First day:

Second day:

I'm stitching it quickly because it's a lovely pattern and it's easy to stitch. I'm so happy about this new project!

You know I'm stitching a bit Celtic Summer every Wednesday.
After a month I've a progress to share. I'll post my last picture and the picture of my most recent progress. The progress is not so important, but I'm happy because this pattern became an UFO and I finally pulled out it.

May 2006:

November 2006

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Carol ha detto...

Your WIPS look lovely! Nice to see Celtic Summer again!!!! Keep an eye on the post, Mike posted off a belated birthday giftie to you yesterday - hopefully it will be there in about a week or so??

Leslie aka zoeandcooper ha detto...

Amazing progress on everything! Super stitching:)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel ha detto...

Great Wips there, Ms. Bea!! You have a lot of projects in the works!

Katrina ha detto...

wonderful stitching as always Bea, I love how the skirt of Celtic Summer is just sparkling. Look forward to seeing more of her :)