venerdì, dicembre 01, 2006

Present and future goals

Today I've not stitching pictures to share because yesterday I've not had enough time to stitch. Instead I decided to work on my kitchen curtains and I want to show a picture of them because they're the first curtains I sewed. I'm pretty happy how they turned out. They're not perfect and I could have done something better...but finally I have the curtains!

A new month arrived and it's time to review my past goals.

My November goals:

-stitch September and November Flip-It by LK

no, but I've quite finished November Flip-It

-stitch September, October and November ornaments

I stitched September and October ones

-finish a block of Terre de France

no, but I worked on it and I've quite finished the block

-finish the curtains for my kitchen


In addition I started and finished Elizabeth McGuire by LHN.

For the last month of the year I would like to finish some projects and exchanges.

- finish all the Flip-It Blocks by LK (September, November and December left)

- finish twelve Christmas ornaments (I've already stitched ten and I have to stitch two)

- stitch and sew the last envelope for the Italian mail art exchange

- stitch and sew some Christmas gifts

I hope to have not forgotten anything...

I'm also thinking about 2007 goals and I'm writing a list to pubblish at the end of this year. During the past months I fell in love with many patterns and to choose the ones I'll stitch in 2007 is not easy. Surely I want to stitch one of the following patterns. The first one was released last year and I immediately fell in love with it. The second one is the newest pattern by Victoria Sampler and I LOVE it! I imagine that they're long patterns to stitch and I would like to stitch one of them as a SAL. So I'm searching somebody who would like to start one of these patterns during the next year. Everyone is welcome! I have to purchase the pattern and the supplies yet so we've enough time to decide when we could start stitching it.

5 commenti:

Dolci Fusa ha detto...

Me, me.
I vote for Jingle bells.

KaLu ha detto...

oh i just saw the 2nd one at downsunshinelane and fell in love with it, so i would love to start this as a SAL with you!

AnneS ha detto...

Have to admit, I ADORE Jingle Bells ... unfortunately I'm on the Wagon, though, for a while longer so won't be able to join you for a SAL - it'll be fun watching your progress though :) BTW your curtains turned out great, and your latest ornies gorgeous :D

anna ha detto...

I *will* be starting Jingle Bells some time early in 2007, I have the fabric, the thread packs and the chart :) I just love this design though I read it can be a pain in the - - - to stitch ;-)

Gorgoglio ha detto...

I love the second and I'd love to start a sal with you stitchting this pattern