martedì, dicembre 12, 2006

The last Santa

During the past week-end I started preparing my Christmas tree and I went on working on my Santas. I could finish the last Santa for this year. Now I have twelve Christmas ornaments, one for month. I have already sewed six of them and they're on my tree. In the next days I'm going to sew and finish the left Santas.
I'm pretty happy because I could stitch twelve Santas as I decided at the begininnig of the year. Surely one of my goals for the next year is stitching other PS Santas to add to the stitched ones. I noticed that the yearly Santas are longer than other patterns by PS so I'm going to stitch one yearly Santa for two months.

Now I can change my rotation. I finished the ornaments and the exchanges for 2006 so my next rotation will be:

Monday - Christian's stocking

Tuesday - Flip-It by Lizzie Kate, I have to stitch two to finish all the series Blocks

Wednesday - Celtic Summer (that was an UFO few weeks ago) and Christmas gifts

Thursday - sew Christmas gifts and the charity doll for Unicef

Friday - Christmas gifts

Saturday/Sunday - Terre de France and what I like

6 commenti:

Trish ha detto...

Great job on the Santa! You've got quite a collection!

Anna van Schurman ha detto...

Congratulations on reaching your goal of stitching all 12 Santas!

Carol ha detto...

Well done Bea!!

xsquared ha detto...

Adorable Santa!

Chiara ha detto...

Ciao Bea, volevo solo auguararti un felice e sereno Natale!!!

Ulla ha detto...

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Ulla in the north of Sweden