sabato, dicembre 09, 2006


First of all thanks everyone for your posts and comments about my ornaments. I really appreciated them!

Telling about my ornaments I worked hard on them in the past days too and I could start and finish another little Santa.
This one is by the new leaflet Good Saint Nick by Prairie Schooler.

I stitched him more quickly than the others because he is small.
I also started stitching my last Santa for this year and this is the progress:

This one is by the leaflet Kris Kringle by Prairie Schooler and I'm stitching him on linen.

I also finished an envelope for my Italian mail art exchange but I have to sew it and I can't show the result till my friend receive it.

It's time to come back stitching!

Have a nice week-end, ladies.

5 commenti:

Debbi ha detto...

Both Santas look great. Enjoy your weekend.

AnneS ha detto...

Both Santas are great, but I LOVE Good Saint Nick ... very very cute! :D I think my Mum would love him too ... might have to check out that chart and add to the wishlist for her birthday next year (she's Christmas ornament mad since she started stitching at the grand old age of 70 this year haha).

Carol ha detto...

Your Santas look fantastic Bea!

Susan ha detto...

All your ornaments have been really cute, great stitching!!!

Isabelle ha detto...

Congrats on meeting that challenging goal, Bea - I would never have made it. Your tree will look awesome with all its matching Santas :D