venerdì, luglio 29, 2005

Two questions

The first question is the weekly one.

What is your most unique/interesting stitching quirk? (This could besomething concerning the way you stitch, how you organize your stash,etc.)

It was hard to find an answer. I couldn't answer this question till I read some ladies' answers.
Probably my unique stitching quirk is about threads. I usually keep my DMC threads in their boxes, the Gold Concept ones. So they're in numerical order. But I've other boxes!!! When I used a colour and I cut a remnant I keep it in another box. I made a lot of little cards and I signed on them every DMC number. So when I have the remnants I wrap them up these little cards. And the cards are in numerical order. Well, I think this is a quirk and I don't know anyone else who use a remnants' box.

The second question is for you.
This morning I saw in the EMS gallery a picture of a sampler. I'm going to write the lady who uploaded the picture because I would like to know how I could find this chart. I fell in love whit this pattern! If you know something about this sampler, please let me know it!

I've not any progress to upload because I worked on my sachet exchange and my mail art exchange.

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