sabato, luglio 16, 2005


I have an Italian blog but I'm not using the space...I have the space but I have not the pictures. All my pictures are on Lore's computer and I'm waiting for them. He should send me some pics by mail to put them on my computer but he has not sent them yet!!!
I decided to upload few pictures I have on my computer.
Here is the first.
This is my city, Florence. I made this picture last May during a "white night" as we call it. During a "white night" all the shops are open in the city, there are many lights and concerts. In the picture there is Ponte Vecchio, in English "Old Bridge". On the bridge there are only jewellers! A lot of jewellers!

I didn't stitch yesterday. I was so tired!!! I hope to go on with some patterns this night!

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Carol ha detto...

Oh no! The pic link appears to be broken - I would love to see that photo of your city though :-)