mercoledì, luglio 20, 2005

Again stitches!

I'm happy because I'm stitching during these days. I'm thinking about my Ireland's pattern too. I have to take with me a pattern to stitch during the holidays. I need an easy pattern with few colours... I don't know if I stitch in Ireland but I want to have something with me...
Yesterday I stitched my second envelope for the Italian mail art exchange. Big progress! But I can't upload it, I don't want my partner to see it.
So I'm uploading a little progress of the last charity's project of the month. This Margaret Sherry' cat is so cute, but it's difficult to stitch 3/4 stitches on Aida!!! I don't like working so!!! I hope to finish it as soon as possible.

2 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Wow, you have been very busy and very productive! I just love those Margaret Sherry cats! I am definitely going to stitch one someday - I think the one I have is called Cul-Purr-It - it is a little cat holding a plucked tulip :-) Hmmm, dying to see what you plan to take to Ireland with you :-)

Chelle ha detto...

Your kitty is so cute already! I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your mail art exchange.