venerdì, luglio 29, 2005

Mail art

Finally I could upload some pictures.
My first Italian partner in a mail art exchange told me she had received my envelope. I received mine by the other lady. So I'm going to show the pictures.

The first one is the envelope that Francesca stitched for me. I like country themes and she stitched something by JJ.
Here is it! It's really nice!

The second one is the envelope that I stitched for Vittoria. She likes Aida and tulips. I was happy to use Aida because I have some many pieces of Aida but I don't like using them for my projects. I will be able to finish all my Aida!!!

I used a FREE SanMan pattern but I changed colours because I've not all those SSS.

The right side:

and the back side:

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Chelle ha detto...
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Chelle ha detto...

Oops - I had a typo in the previous comment and thought I could fix it. I guess not! ;o) Anyway, they are both beautiful Bea! I love the colors you used for the SanMan freebie - very bright and cheerful.

Carol ha detto...

Wow, those are sooooooo cool! Lovely!

Rolf ha detto...

Yes, it's very nice!!!!