giovedì, luglio 14, 2005

Two questions and progress

First of all I'm working hard on my L'atelier de brodeuse because I like it very much and I want to post my entry on Silkweaver forum before going on holidays.
Yesterday I was proud of my progress. Here is it!

The stitcher's dress colour is darker than the original one but I must use the GAST Limited Edition Red Violet that is my Summer Fun pack and I had to substitute the original colour. But I like how it's turning out. Well, I saw the pillow sewed by Katrina on her blog and I love it. I'd like to make one too!!!

And now I have two questions...

What do you do when you have some sort of obligation stitching to do,but don't want to do it?

I don't like to have obligation stitching because I like stitching what I feel up to stitch in that moment. But I have sometimes this kind of obligation, for example during a RR. When I have it I usually try to stitch and finish the pattern as soon as possible.

Do you think that you stitch neater on Evenweave than you do on Aidacloth? If so, why?

Well, I think that I stitch neater on Evenweave because I rarely stitch on Aida and I worked a lot on Evenweave, so I surely stitch neater on Evenweave. I think Evenweave is better of Aida for 1/4 and 3/4 stitches too.

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