venerdì, gennaio 12, 2007

two weeks with rotation

Two weeks of 2007 have quite passed and I've tryed my new rotation.

On Monday I work on my UFOs. They're a lot of UFOs but I decided to pull out the Flip-Its left to finish all the series Flip-It Blocks by LK.

On Tuesday I stitch the tablecloth with the Fruit TP by LHN. I'm finishing to prepare the subdivisions.
Then I'll start with Watermelon, the first TP released.

On Wednesday I work on Celtic Summer by L&L and exchanges/gifts. I stitched Celtic Summer but I haven't a pic because the progress is not so important. I also stitched a gift and this is my first finish for 2007. I can't share it because my friend has not had it yet.

Thursday is the day of Terre de France. I'm going to go on with this big project. I don't hope to finish it during 2007 but I would like to have a big progress for it.
I finished a block I had started during the past months.
Now I have to stitch other 10 blocks.

On Friday I work on my Advent Calendar but last Friday I couldn't stitch and I hope to catch up with it this evening.

During the week-end I usually stitch the Santas by PS. I started stitching the 1999 Santa.
This is a very small progress but I should finish him in two months.

I also worked on Forest Snowfall by CCN and this is my second picture.

3 commenti:

Carol ha detto...

Fantastic job Bea - you are moving along well with everything!!

OK, what did we decide for Dawn? Is it first of Feb? I have Barnabee's Quest that day, but can do it a day or two later with you :-) I need to start getting my flosses together!

Anna van Schurman ha detto...

The fabric you're using for Forest Snowfall looks like the snow is already on it!

Katrina ha detto...

Sounds like you've been a busy wee stitcher Bea. I think the fabric you've chosen for Forest Snowfall is gorgeous, look forward to seeing more of this one.