lunedì, gennaio 22, 2007


First of all, thanks for your adorable comments. I really appreciate them.

During the past week-end I stitched a bit because we had two days of shopping but I seem to have a big progress on my works.

Abigail Winslow by LHN is funny and quick. I should finish it and its pillow before 7th of February because this is the deadline that I decided with an Italian friend who is stitching this series with me.

On Fridays I stitch the Advent Calendar and these are three sachets I finished. I have to sew them but the stitches are ready.

The longest project in 2007 is the tablecloth with the LHN Fruit TP and this is my first picture of it. I'm stitching two blocks with Watermelon, the first release in this series.

The last progress is about Forest Snowfall by CCN. I'm really enjoying it but the threads Country Lane and Little House by CC are similar. My Country Lane is lighter than the one in the original design and I hope we can see the difference with Little House that is the thread I'm using for the house.

4 commenti:

Gorgoglio ha detto...

Come si chiama la stoffa che hai scelto per il Forest Snowfall by CCN è splendida :)

Sally ha detto...

Very nice stitching Bea. Forest Snowfall is looking gorgeous.

Carol ha detto...

All of your WIPs are just beautiful, as always! I bought all of my DMC for Dawn yesterday and ordered my beads... my Petite Treasure Braid was ordered last week, so hopefully that will arrive soon... now to choose between the 28 ct lugana and 32 ct belfast Jubilation for her.. which are you using?

S ha detto...

The wip look wonderful, happy stitching!!