venerdì, gennaio 19, 2007

out of rotation

I'm following my rotation but I'm also stitching something out of it.

I could start the second pattern in the DD series by LHN.
I'm stitching Abigail Winslow. This is a lot of fun because the pattern is quick and lovely.
My first progress:

I also started a new SAL with Veronica.
We'll stitch all the patterns about seasons by LHN. Yes, we're both big fans of LHN!
We started stitching Season of rest.

6 commenti:

Annemarie ha detto...

Ji Bea, thanks for visiting my blog! I always love to come and visit you too. Your stitching is lovely. I also really like LHN!

AnneS ha detto...

It's no wonder you can't resist those projects - LHN have some gorgeous designs, and I love to see your progress piccies :D

Isabelle ha detto...

Oh, I love those designs Bea, you always make such great choices :)

Carol ha detto...

Aw, I feel warm fuzzies! I am from Boston!!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Super joli ! j'aime beaucoup votre blog !
vous parlez français ?
je suis

J Rae ha detto...

LOVE your fabric for Forest Snowfall! Gorgeous!