mercoledì, febbraio 08, 2006

Happy dance!

I finished Lavender Hill by Little House Needleworks. It turned out lovely and I shall choose a nice frame. In fact I don't want to make a pillow or a wall hanging with this pattern. I'd like to buy a frame and paint it with a colour like lavender.

I've an important progress on Valentine Holidays by BOAF. It's growing quickly and I think it should be ready for Valentine's Day. Isabelle asked me how I'll finish it. I think it could be become a pillow. I've some fabrics and they could be right for it.

I've started stitching my monthly Flip-It by Lizzie Kate too. This pattern is really funny.

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Litla Skvís ha detto...

Lavender Hill turned out wonderful!

Carol ha detto...

Woo Hoo!! Lavender Hill looks wonderful! Congratulations! Your WIPS are stunning too!

Ulla ha detto...

Lavender hill is really a lavender beauty and your Valentine become a joyful candy version.Nice to see the different styles you stitch.What a happiness

Have a nice day
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Isabelle ha detto...

Congrats on your HD, Bea! Lavender Hill is so pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll frame it then :)

Your Valentine Holidays design is adorable! I think it'd look great as a pillow! :)

Have a nice day Bea! :)

Anne ha detto...

What lovely work. Cannot wait to see the Lizzie Kate finished.
Happy Stitching.

Autumn ha detto...

Your Lavender Hill is so cute. I'm working on Americana Sampling and Rose Sampler. I think I may have to do LH next!

Bastet ha detto...

Lavender hill looks wonderful Bea. And you're WIPS are coming along quite nicely as well.

AnneS ha detto...

Woohoo, Lavender Hill is stunning! I think your suggestion of framing it is a good one - look forward to seeing it in its framed glory :) And your latest WIPs are looking good too ... and of course I still adore the Coffee one! :D