giovedì, febbraio 22, 2007

Small finishes

On Mondays I usually stitch one of my UFOs.
During the past weeks I worked on September Flip-It block by Lizzie Kate. I should have finished all the 12 blocks last December but I couldn't stitch the September and the December ones.
Finally I finished the first and during the next weeks I'll start and stitch December Flip-It.

I'm also working on an Advent Calendar and I have to stitch at least three sachets for month. These are the sachets of February (naturally I have to sew them!).

I could finish the first pattern in the series "Season of..." by LHN.
The first I stitched is Season of rest.

mercoledì, febbraio 14, 2007

Pictures and pictures

During the past days I didn't have enough time to be often online and post on my blog.
Now I'm trying to catch up with the progress of the last week and I hope to forget nothing.

Progress on the first PS Santa I'm stitching for Christmas 2007.

Season of rest by LHN. This is out of my rotation but I'm trying to finish it during the week-ends.

I started two SAL, one with Carol and one with Veronica.

The first SAL is Dawn by PR and this is my start:

The second SAL is a pattern by Tina Wenke. The progress is so small that we can't see anything. I started stitching some flowers.

I also finished the second pillow of the DD series, the one that is with the pattern Abigail Winslow.
These pillows are really quick to stitch.

Yesterday was the day of my tablecloth. I started stitching the first block of this month and I finished the pear.

venerdì, febbraio 02, 2007

New goals, new SALS

Thanks for your lovely comments on my tablecloth. You're really kind, ladies.

The first month in the year finished and it's time to review my goals.

January goals:
- stitch twice Watermelon Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth

- stitch four little patterns for my Advent calendar
I stitched three patterns but last month I made a mistake in the count and I have to stitch three sachets for month and not four, so three sachets are ok

- start stitching 1999 Santa by PS and Season of Rest by LHN

- work on Celtic Summer, Terre de France and Forest Snowfall
Yes. I have not any picture for Celtic Summer but I'm working on her.

February goals:
- stitch twice Pear Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth
- stitch three little patterns for my Advent calendar
- finish 1999 Santa by PS
- finish September Flip-It and start stitching the last one
- finish Abigail Winslow and her pillow and start the next DD block

Yesterday I also started stitching Dawn by Passione Ricamo. This is a SAL with Carol and we're going to stitch her on Thurdays. I have not taken a picture yet but I hope to share it in the next days. I was really impatient to start this new project and now I'm happy because we have started it!

Today I'm starting another SAL with Veronica. We'll stitch a lovely pattern by Tina Wenke.

Naturally I'm till using my rotation and I'll not change it. I'll add this new projects to the other projects. I have so many WIPs but I'll try to work on all of them.

In the meantime this is the small progress for September Flip-It by LK.

I also finished Abigail Winslow by LHN. This is another lovely and funny pattern. I enjoyed stitching it and I'm impatient to start the next one.