giovedì, febbraio 22, 2007

Small finishes

On Mondays I usually stitch one of my UFOs.
During the past weeks I worked on September Flip-It block by Lizzie Kate. I should have finished all the 12 blocks last December but I couldn't stitch the September and the December ones.
Finally I finished the first and during the next weeks I'll start and stitch December Flip-It.

I'm also working on an Advent Calendar and I have to stitch at least three sachets for month. These are the sachets of February (naturally I have to sew them!).

I could finish the first pattern in the series "Season of..." by LHN.
The first I stitched is Season of rest.

6 commenti:

Isabelle ha detto...

Cute finishes, Bea :)

Carol ha detto...

Well done Bea!

Deanne J ha detto...

Congrats on the finishes.

Deanne J ha detto...

Congrats on the finishes

June ha detto...

Very pretty finishes! Love the 'Season of Rest'. :)

Chiara ha detto...

It's lovely :o)