venerdì, marzo 02, 2007

Trying to catch up...

I seem not to have much time to do everything during these weeks...I'm reading all your blogs but I don't usually leave comments and I don't post on my own blog. :(

On Mondays I usually stitch my UFOs. After finishing September Flip-It Block by LK I decided to have a break and not to start immediately the left Flip-It (December one). I selected a new UFO and I resurrected Winter Peace by SBF.

I have already finished it because it is not a long pattern. It's quick and the snowman is so funny!

I also finished the monthly blocks of the tablecloth. Here is one of the pears I stitched.

I have another finish. It's a PS Santa (1999 Santa). I'm going to stitch six annual Santas for next Christmas. I decided to work on six Santas because they usually take me more time than other PS Santas.

After 1999 Santa (adorable with those gingerbreadmen), I'm going to stitch 1997 Santa.

I started my third DD pattern, Mary Heaton. This is the first progress.

I didn't forget my rotation. I'm till using it and I'm making small progresses on many patterns but I usually post a picture when I have a big progress so we have to wait a bit for viewing something new.

Reviewing goals...

February Goals:

- stitch twice Pear Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth
- stitch three little patterns for my Advent calendar
- finish 1999 Santa by PS
- finish September Flip-It and start stitching the last one
I finished September Flip-It but I've not started the last one yet
- finish Abigail Winslow and her pillow and start the next DD block
In addition I finished Season of rest by LHN and Winter Peace by SBF.

March Goals:
- stitch three times Apples Thread Packs by LHN for my tablecloth
- stitch three little patterns for my Advent calendar
- start stitching 1997 Santa by PS, December Flip-It and Season of Hope by LHN
- finish Mary Heaton and her pillow
- stitch a mail art envelope

This month will be pretty busy because I have to stitch three blocks for my tablecloth and I'm not sure to be able to finish all of them.

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Anonimo ha detto...

Wow, you have been busy... :o) Your stitching looks wonderful, the LHN Pear and the Santa especially! Lovely to see!!

Kali ha detto...

Everything looks great! Congrats on the finishes :)

Carol ha detto...

Uh-oh, did you drop out of our Dawn SAL? It is not in your Feb or March goals, and no updates. Please let me know.... thanks! Your other works are so beautiful!

Anonimo ha detto...

Beautiful finishes! I especially like the S&BF one - too cute! :D

elenamac ha detto...

bravissima come al solito!

Sally ha detto...

Wow, Bea, you have been busy. I love all your pieces but I especially love the Sisters and Best Friends one.

Chiara ha detto...

Your finishing are great!!! Congrats :o)

Lelia ha detto...

awesome stitching Bea! Your pear, santa & winter peace look great : )

Ulla ha detto...

Oh I miss your blogging.I hope you have a nice springtime
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Denisa Baltazar ha detto...

Hi Bea...
I passed here for only announcing that in my Blog it has new things and that I am waiting its visit! Its blog is pretty! Congratulations!
It has an excellent week!
Kissis for Nisa!

Anonimo ha detto...

Belos trabalhos!!!
Solange Oliveira (Brasil)

Pam Seavey Schaffner ha detto...

Love your stitching. Especially your PS Santa. Will watch your progress.

Anonimo ha detto...

I love the snowman design you stitched. It is adorable!

Rachel V ha detto...

Hello Bea,

I have been looking for you!! Please, please send me or Mary Kathryn an email to let us know if you received her mail art. If you are not online, even a postcard would be nice as I know you have her address. She worked very hard on her piece for you and doesn't know if it arrived. We are also sad that you did not follow through on your committment to her; I hope everything is ok.


rachelvendsel at yahoo dot com

Tuula ha detto...

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Stitching Year 2008!

Karin ha detto...

I love your little snowman - he's so sweet.

Karen ha detto...

Excellent job!! I love the snowman UFO that you completed.